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ALS Airway Kit

Available in: Navy, Red

*A comprehensive advanced latex free airway kit that comes stocked with everything you need to establish an airway quickly. Please note: Not all of the ET Tubes fit in this "front line" airway kit; they are included with the kit simply for backup purposes.
(6) Oral Airway Sizes (Sizes 1-6)
(1) Pediatric Laryngoscope Handle
(1) Adult Laryngoscope Handle
(5) Miller Laryngoscope Blades (Sizes 0-4)
(4) Mac Laryngoscope Blades (Sizes 1-4)
(2) Large Laryngoscope Bulbs
(2) Small Laryngoscope Bulbs
(1) Adult Magill Forceps
(1) Pediatric Magill Forceps
(2) "C" Size Alkaline Batteries
(2) "AA" Size Alkaline Batteries
(10) Airway Lubricant Packets
(3) 10mL Syringes
(5) Thomas ET Tube Holders
(32) ET Tubes (2 of each size 2.5mm-10.0mm)
(2) Adult ET Tube Stylettes
(2) Pediatric ET Tube Stylettes
(1) Roll Dermicel 1" Tape
Latex Free

*Dimesions - 13"L x 11"W x 4"H
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